Inco Capital's Core Services
Inco's partners and advisors are based in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, India, South America and Africa. In each one of these markets, they have extensive personal and professional contacts. Typically, Inco Capital engages in four main types of activities: it assists clients along their investment/divestment process including managing the deal itself, it helps clients seek financing or seeking to divest strategic assets, it provides clients with high caliber Capital Introduction and Business Matchmaking services and it helps clients expand their business by entering new markets and/or structuring joint-ventures. Inco is not focused on a single area of expertise. It takes on assignments when it feels it has a very high chance of helping its clients get the results they require. When needed, Inco relies on a prestigious network of affiliated entities, effectively combining different skill sets. The result is a solution perfectly tailored to the client's needs.

Additional Services
In addition to the core services mentionned above, Inco Capital engages in a number of opportunistic activities that require skill, speed, discretion and results. These activities range from negotiations on behalf of third parties to advisory activities in setting up international businesses to lobbying country authorities on a number of sensitive issues. Basically, Inco Capital is always open to leveraging its unique contact network to get things done if it feels it has the means to do so. Such services are naturally evaluated by our partners and advisors on a case per case basis.

Inco Commodities ®
Inco Commodities was created to pursue opportunities in the commodities sector. For more than 2 years now, Inco Capital has been working on commodity related deals across the world (South America, the United States, Africa, China and the Middle East). Due to its success, Inco Capital decided to create an independent unit (Inco Commodities) to better serve buyers and sellers using the company's services. This has allowed us to tackle much larger deals (Inco Commodities recently worked on a 5 billion USD coal deal between South America and China as well as a 3 bilion USD oil and gas supply deal between South America and the United States) and provide enhanced assistance to our clients and partners. Strategically located in the Middle East, Inco Commodities is able to work on global deals that require skill, speed, discretion and results.