Global reach. Global results.™
Inco Capital ® (Inco) is an innovative and flexible financial structure that assists international investors and organizations on a limited number of deals requiring skill, speed, discretion and results. Over the years, Inco's partners have worked for and with some of the wealthiest individuals and finest companies in the world.Inco's partners are young, skilled and extremely connected. In addition to their functions at Inco Capital, they leverage their positions within leading worldwide business organizations to create a unique business contact network. All have achieved impressive success in their respective fields and are able to approach diverse and complex situations in creative ways. They are backed by prestigious advisors that maximize their influence, reach and effectiveness.

The Power of the Inco Capital Network
Inco Capital has successfully spent years building what it believes to be one of the most extensive high caliber contact networks in business. Using a "matrix" model whereas partners and advisors span the globe and provide non redundant skill sets, the Inco Capital contact network is one of a kind. For the locations of Inco Capital partners, advisors and affiliates (affiliates are business entities whith whom Inco Capital has a Strategic Collaboration Agreement) please click on the Inco Capital logo and discover the power of the Inco Capital network.

Message from the Partners
It has been five years since we created Inco Capital. Our initial goal was to create one the most powerful contact networks in business. We spent more than a year assembling the Inco Capital team: its partners, its advisors and its fields of action. Deals started coming in. Relationships were created. Business transactions were closed. With every new deal, we learned more and exponentially grew our already extensive contact network. We started tackling ever bigger deals. Five years later, Inco Capital has exceeded our wildest expectations. The deals are bigger, our contact network spans the globe and we are more efficient than ever. Speed, skill, discretion and results: the Inco Capital motto has been fulfilled.